Transport the Spirit

“The Worlds Above” is a program of beautiful and powerful music designed to heal and transport the soul to that realm where we can celebrate our common humanity and shared values.  It is presented as part of our accessible artistry initiative, which makes the soul-feeding performances of the Wheatland Chorale available to the public without charge.  These concerts fall in the middle of the Christian season of Lent, a time of reflection and prayer in many communities. All will be moved and touched by these intensely satisfying musical statements!

The centerpiece of this program is a set of poems by the 13th-century Persian mystic, Rumi.  Three Themes of Life and Love are set to music by the phenomenal, young, American composer, Daniel Elder.  Music of wonder, mystery, joy and tranquility combine with the earthy quality of Rumi’s poetry to produce three stunning “pictures” of life and love.  Multiple percussion provides a unique texture with the voices, while adding to the drama and impact of these ecstatic utterances.

The title piece, The Worlds Above, is a setting of an Isaac Watts text by another American composer, Ben Allaway.  The piece is full of lush harmonies and powerful high-points that express our longing to be in the presence of God and to manifest that presence here on earth.  We have opportunity to express lament with the music of Giacomo Carissimi and Henry Purcell, as well as joy and unity with music of Rachmaninoff and Ola Gjeilo.

Designed to be no more than one hour in length and presented without intermission, these concerts will touch the heart and lift the spirit. Bring your family/bring your friends to The Worlds Above – there is no charge and there will be “…not a single ordinary moment!”

We are so deeply grateful to all who donated to the Wheatland Chorale on the recent Extraordinary Give!  Your gifts help us to sustain our mission to promote and perpetuate choral music through excellence in performance. Thank you!


…not a single ordinary moment…

Escape from the ordinary with a performance by the Wheatland Chorale. Known throughout the region for its “shimmering” sound, with artistic director, Eric R. Riley, “…this ensemble has reached new heights of artistry.”

The 46 singers of the Wheatland Chorale create a huge variety of color and texture, from thundering fortissimos to whisper quiet pianissimos; from the clear, lean voice-leading of Renaissance polyphony to the thick, tight harmonies of modern choral textures.

Named one of the ten best in Berks County music and dance, recent concert review quotes from the Reading Eagle include: stunningly performed…exuding pure joy…heart-wrenching…more loveliness…full of character…a constant surprise and delight…clouds of sound…as delicate as the colors of a sunrise in midwinter…at times spine-tingling…performed in a way that expressed every emotion…This group never ceases to amaze me with their excellence. There was not a single ordinary moment in this program.

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