Rimini performance…not a single ordinary moment…

THE TRAVELERS HAVE RETURNED! In September, 2015, members of the Wheatland Chorale competed in the Rimini International Choral Competition in Rimini, Italy. It was an amazing summer of hard work, with an extremely well-received Open Rehearsal/Concert to send us on our way. The competition was fierce, but we were very pleased to received Bronze Diplomas in both the Sacred Music and Mixed Chorus competitions. In essence, we were welcomed into the fraternity of fine International choral ensembles, and recognized as peers!

Escape from the ordinary with a performance by the Wheatland Chorale. Known throughout the region for its “shimmering” sound, with artistic director, Eric R. Riley, “…this ensemble has reached new heights of artistry.”

The 46 singers of the Wheatland Chorale create a huge variety of color and texture, from thundering fortissimos to whisper quiet pianissimos; from the clear, lean voice-leading of Renaissance polyphony to the thick, tight harmonies of modern choral textures.

Named one of the ten best in Berks County music and dance, recent concert review quotes from the Reading Eagle include: stunningly performed…exuding pure joy…heart-wrenching…more loveliness…full of character…a constant surprise and delight…clouds of sound…as delicate as the colors of a sunrise in midwinter…at times spine-tingling…performed in a way that expressed every emotion…This group never ceases to amaze me with their excellence. There was not a single ordinary moment in this program.

See the sidebar to the right for performance dates and venues. Tickets may be purchased by calling the toll free number (800) 838-3006, by clicking the “Purchase Tickets” links in the sidebar (available early Fall, 2015), or at the door.


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